Close-up Table magic


Hire David Randini

to add a magical touch to your day and to help create an event that everyone will be talking about for years to come!


David is a world-class close-up magician and is the perfect icebreaker for your event.

He will mix and mingle amongst your guests with his engaging personality and perform amazing miracles just inches from their noses.

Whether it's for a Black Tie Banquet of a house party.

With his magic and humour David will both amaze and entertain all of your guests.


David Randini is one of the UK's top close-up magicians.

As well as performing all over the world from China to America. He spent 10 years in residence at the prestigious Luccombe Hall and Melville Hall Hotels performing at over 10,000 tables.

David's laid back personality and honed people skills have made him one of the countries most sort after magicians.


Most of all David is not just a magician but a magical entertainer, he is the whole package and if you took every trick out of his act he would still be a great guest to have at your party.